The Recovery Spot Malibu and The Beach House Malibu have established a collaborative partnership to integrate The Recovery Spot’s innovative medical treatment with The Beach House’s psycho-therapeutic and other eclectic modalities. The goal of this partnership is to continue to elevate the standard of comprehensive addiction treatment.

The Beach House Malibu’s specialized treatment options may vary from patient to patient, but they are built on a proven system of evidence-based therapy and recovery options to maximize success and eliminate dependencies during rehabilitation. Every one of their patients undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to determine the underlying triggers – such as past traumatic experiences, sudden life changes and environmental pressures and stresses – which may be fueling an addiction. The Beach House’s experts will dig even deeper and check for dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders, like mental illness, that can make ending a dependency problem more difficult. Once our thorough assessment is complete, our staff will work directly with patients to develop customized treatment plans to kick their addictions and return to normal life. Often times these plans may include medically supervised detoxification through The Recovery Spot Malibu’s physicians, one-on-one therapy, routine wellness checks and a support system that includes peers and family.

Multiple board certified Drs. Ramesh Sawhney and Scott Bienenfeld founded The Recovery Spot in 2017 with the objective of improving the delivery of healthcare to people suffering from co-occurring addiction, mental health issues and/or chronic pain, This partnership represents the optimum synergistic collaboration to not only provide the most comprehensive medical and therapeutic substance abuse and co-occurring treatment available, but also as a vessel to drive much needed research. The Recovery Spot Malibu is also proud to feature Parmela Sawhney, MD, who in addition to multiple medical board certifications, is a board certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, with the ability to integrate a wide spectrum of ayurvedic treatments within our treatment protocols. Please visit our SERVICES page for more information about the treatments we offer.

The Recovery Spot Malibu’s office is conveniently located on the PCH in the heart of Malibu, California, where Recovery Spot physicians and The Beach House Malibu are accepting new patients with a full array of all of our services available. The Recovery Spot Malibu is available for collaboration with other treatment providers and sober living facilities to provide medical services in conjunction with the patient’s existing treatment. Representatives from the Recovery Spot can be reached 24/7 at 866-677-6869, or through our website.